IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network Virtualized EPC and IMS Core


Since 2012, IPLOOK has been designing, developing, and delivering optimal LTE solutions to operators, government and other commercial markets. The company is a global provider of 4G/5G core, IMS, and VoWiFi with which it helps its clients lead into the future. Our products include MME/ HSS/HLR/ SGW/ PGW/ IMS/ BOSS/ ePDG/ NB-IoT Core .All our products conform with 3GPP standard and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Recently, IPLOOK has provided a distributed 4G data and VoLTE solution for 31 regions in middle east, a high-speed data forward and HD voice solution for 1000,000 subscribers in Cambodia, a 4G communication solution between several islands in New Zealand etc. The key to the IPLOOK's success is a scalable software architecture that maintains industry compliance delivering the feature set and functionality of much larger commercial systems. With high quality products and outstanding customer service, IPLOOK earned a good reputation at home and abroad.

Sales Channel

For now, IPLOOK MEC products have launched numbers of site and are going to launch more by 2020. Most of them are local data breakout gateways based on MEC. The further MEC product will integrate GW-UP under 5G standard.

In the future, IPLOOK’s 5G products are based on NFV/SDN. As a result, the dependence on hardware is reduced and the service become diversified. Additionally, NB-IoT specification has deployed upon IPLOOK’s new network elements.

IPLOOK is dedicated to help you connect the world, improve lives, and build a better future where intelligence will become part of products and services.

IPLOOK Products