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BOSS system includes CRM, mediation, rating, billing, online and offline charging, policy management, voucher management, etc.It offers multi-network con...

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    CRM/mediation/rating/billing/online/offline charging/policy management/v...

2 Product overview

BOSS system is a fully convergent telecom billing, real-time charging and policy management system. Its biggest strength is its innovative real-time capabilities which enable pre-paid and post-paid subscribers to be served by a single telecom billing system and provide great flexibility in pricing and marketing .

BOSS system includes all the components of a fully convergent billing and charging system, including CRM, mediation, rating, billing, online and offline charging, policy management, voucher management, etc. It offers multi network convergence across fixed, mobile (2G, 3G and 4G), broadband and IP; multi-service convergence including voice, data, SMS and content; as well as multi-segment convergence of prepaid, postpaid, partner and business sectors.

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Product & Package Management

Product Management

Maintain product’s basic information andmanage their property and life cycle.

Package Management

Maintain package’s basic information and manage their property and life cycle.

Pricing Plan Management

Maintain prices for packages and products including recurring fees, usage fees , one-time fee, etc.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Create and delete customers, enter and modify customer information, subscribe to services, and manage the blacklist.

Account Management

Create, modify, delete, and query the basic account information.

Subscriber Management

Create subscribers, modify subscriber information, change subscriber numbers, change subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, and change subscriber status.

Customer Relationship Management

Establish customer relationships or customer group relationships for family members, colleagues, friends, and groups, and add and delete group members.

Subscription Management

Customer Management supports subscription and un-subscription for customers, subscribers, accounts, and groups.

Customer Care

Integrated Enquiry

Customer Care provides the full customer information enquiry for operator such as:

- Customer Lookup.

- Customer Profile Enquiry.

- Account Profile Enquiry.

- Subscriber Profile Enquiry.

- Contract Information Enquiry.

- Bill Enquiry.

- Call Detail Enquiry.

- Subscriber Status Enquiry.

- Rate Plan History Enquiry.

- Payment Enquiry.

- Subscription Detail Enquiry.

Service Changing

Customer Care subsystem provides various services changing function for customers:

- Changing customer information

- Changing subscriber information

- Changing account information
- Changing rate plan/service package

- Changing mobile number

- Changing SIM card

- Suspension and bar

- Reconnection and unbar

- Deactivation

- Report lost and un-lost

- Change Bill cycle (postpaid)

- Transfer of owner

Batch Prepaid Operation

Batch create prepaid subscriber.

Batch deactivate prepaid subscriber.

Batch change prepaid initial balance.

Batch change prepaid expiry date.

Batch change prepaid rate plan.

Inventory Management

Resource Information

Manage the life cycle of the resource as well as the activities which are required. Activities supported include resource loading (from file), generation of resource id’s, assignment to distributors, different queries, etc.

Resource Distribution

Distribute resource from warehouse to shop, transfer resource between shops, let warehouse call back the resource, return the damaged resource to the vendor

Complain/Trouble Ticket

Complain/Trouble Ticket

Generate Complain/Trouble Ticket.

Deliver the Complain/Trouble Ticket to relevant department for processing.

Relevant department develop the solutions for Complain/Trouble Ticket

Contact the customer and notify the solutions for Complain/Trouble Ticket.

After processing completed, contact customer for feedback.



Offline Mediation

Collect CDR files from various network elements and then distributing them to the billing Engine for offline charging.

The Offline Mediation collects /distributes files using FTP or SFTP.

Online Mediation

For online charging, the call access control function is handled by Online Mediation.

Online Mediation supports DCC (Diameter Credit Control) and Radius Protocol.

Rating & Charging


Decoding original CDR files collected from offline mediation to characters identifiable to billing system;

Decoding original RB message receive from online mediation to characters identifiable to billing system.


Online rating, offline rating, error CDR recycling and bypass.

Charging for voice, data, SMS, etc.


Calculate Product/Package Recurring Fee.

Bill Run

Bill Restriction

Restrict bill expenses not deducted without the necessity of billing and generate no bill and arrears

Bill Generation

Generate bill data for expense data after billing restriction.

Automatic Balance Deduction

Compare user’s due with balance and automatically write off for users earlier every month.

Bill push for email

If BOSS using electronic E-mail to send bill to their customer, then a copy of the same bill can be sent to email system, and then it will be sent it to the end customer.

Credit Control

Credit Control

Make real-time credit control on bills, due and balance not deducted. When user is beyond credit limit, it will be necessary to take halting and other treatment measures.

voucher management

Create Recharge Card PINs

Generate a batch of PIN codes for recharge card printing.

Each Batch PINs has a specific password to protect its data against unauthorized access.

Modify Recharge Card Batch

Mange status of all PINs of recharge card in a batch.

Modify Recharge Card

Check and modify single universal recharge card PIN.

Rollback Recharge Card

Reverse recharge card PIN generation and delete all PINs in that batch.

View Recharge Card

Query card PIN batch, and select 1 batch to review its source file. Card PIN codes are stored in the file, BOSS user must present batch password to continue this action.

Recharge  Card Inquiry

Enable BOSS user to query a series of cards status. After query, the result data can be export to excel spreadsheet by click on “Export to Excel” link on top of result data area.

Recharge Process

Dealing the recharge action


Alert Notification

Send some alert information to the customer. For example send the balance not enough alert information to the customers to notify them the balance is not enough.

Account Receivable


Accept customers’ payment.

Payment Reversal

Reverse customer’s payment and refund customer.


Refund is the process of return the customer’s advance payment or deposit with cash


Adjustment is used to manually modify charges applied to customer’s bill.

Closing Batch

Closing batch is used by counter personal to sum up their daily transaction and go off duty.

Receipt Reprint

Billing system can reprint receipts when customers need to reprint the receipts.

Bad Debts Treatment

Targeted at overdue arrears, the system will automatically process them as bad debts, which are arrears overdue for more than 3 months in principle (however, it depends on circumstances in each enterprise. After all, it is shorter than 3 years);


Reports can be configure

Customize the reports

Customer Develop Reports

Generate the customer develop reports

Revenue Reports

Generate the revenue reports

Finance Reports

Generate finance reports

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