IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS


IPLOOK Technologies constantly connects and collaborates with other key companies to ensure our services and deliverables are at the leading edge. This also helps in easy integration of our solutions with a wide range of solutions and software. Our partners enable us to optimize and maximize productivity for our clients across the globe. Strong relationship with companies from various field of communication industry shall continue to strengthen our ability to  meet market requirements. IPLOOKs partners fall into the following two categories:

eNodeBs factories

Factories or vendors of eNodeBs like Comba, HUAWEI, ZTE, innofidei, BTI, DaTang, Raisecom all have provided their eNodeB to us or deployed Network together with us. while our products connected with eNodeBs from these companies, they showed a good compatibility.

Communication software companies

Our EPC and IMS network elements can be connected with elements from other companies easily. The 2G/3G core from agrandtech, MSC from AudioCodes, MGW from Dinstar and Boss from other companies works well with our core. Operators can complete the deployment based on their exiting network in this way.

Upon our daily tests on IPLOOKs new products, we purchase terminal equipment of different brand, including, HUWEI, Apple, Samsung etc. They  all support Volte and Wi-Fi calling functions under our EPC and IMS system.

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